Monday, January 28, 2008

Ignorance is not Bliss

Something I absolutely cannot stand is ignorance. It enrages me to see people acting with complete disregard to what another person has done for them when they have every reason to do the opposite. Reciprocity and mutuality are characteristics inherent in the concept of 'getting along with other people.' Humans must be extremely vigilant to situations in which someone might be caught acting in their favor, so that they can adequately return such behavior to the initial giver. Munificence in this aspect is crucial in establishing real relationships with other people.

It is embarrassing to see another person neglect the kind actions someone else has conducted for them. Indifference to another man is of the most virulent nature. The degree to which we can respect and honor each other through actions without the expectancy of return is near the degree to which our society survives, flourishes and blossoms. In the same sense, disregarding the caring behavior of another can have the worst of depressing effects on the original person who was only acting to benefit one of their fellow human beings in the first place.

Is it so hard to grasp the concept of reciprocal deference!!?? It brings me to the greatest confines of my patience to witness such harmful exchanges to the emotional and physical demise my friends! Ignorance and indifference to each other is what breaks our world! If someone insults you intentionally and for reasonable cause it is much less harmful then when someone forgets to recognize that you even exist and your actions could possibly be in the intention of their goodness! My heart is ravaged at the thought of apathy to this degree!

The origins of these ravings lies in a conversation that I happened to be spectator of earlier today. I refuse to enter into details here, but I will say that I observed directly the excruciating effects of the indifference I expounded upon above to someone I hold in high regard- to the point where- during a terse conversation I had within them afterward, they could barely come to answer my simple questions about unrelated subjects for their mind was so preoccupied and agitated. The result of the indifference is what brings my mind to a grinding halt and causes me so much strife.

People who live benevolently don't deserve in any measure the suffering they are forced to endure at the hands of those who live without chancing a thought on how their actions might effect others. My patience is beginning to waver without stop for bastards like that. People- please get yourselves together! Simply reciprocity requires nothing of us, have a little sense and live up to your expectations of citizens of our world!

Indeed, perhaps our very survival relies on it.


HoopDancer said...

I definitely need to work on expressing my gratitude for the actions of others. It is one thing in my life I've decided I want to change. For me it isn't indifference or the fact that I'm not grateful. Quite the contrary. I have a hard time knowing how to react...strange but true. Even something as simple as a compliment is usually undermined by myself, instead of just saying a simple thank you.
Geez I have a lot to learn!

Nice and Blue said...

Interestingly, I would say the same is true for myself.
Half the time I find myself missing opportunities to thank or compliment others, and the other half of the time, I over-analyze a situation and my self-consciousness prevents me from acting kindly.

Fortunately, I would say these mistakes are less calamitous than the indifference I was speaking of, because in these cases we're well aware of our mishaps and aspiring to change them.