Sunday, March 30, 2008


I mentioned previously that I still attend church, despite being an atheist. Tonight, I attended the ordination of one of the church clergymen into priesthood. I was partially reluctant to go at first, because for one I had some work to finish, and for two I am rather disinterested in all the bureaucracy/hierarchy aspects of the church. I cannot manage to make any sense out of the idea that church workers 'rise in authority' like this and require special ceremonies in order to celebrate their 'official' ascendancy throughout the church. As if a document or ceremony could validate a position or mindset. In the same way a diploma does not affirm one's completion of high school an ordination in no way authenticates one's faith. I simply can't get over the multitude of celebrations we humans produce at the expensive of nothing but the expansion of our own egos.

It is an interesting side note that the man who was being ordained tonight, whom I happen to know fairly well, is equally repulsed by the idea of merit and quantization of faith the church clergy system generates. His dubious, slightly irritated expression was priceless as the congregation began clapping towards the end of the ritual. Needless to say I clapped no more than for a second, unenthusiastically.

One of the vows that was recited before the bishop during the service, read something along the lines of [crudely replicated] "And I promise to conform to the doctrine and belief of the Anglican church" The suggestion that one was to "conform" was rather disarmingly, to me at least, I was surprised it was phrased so abruptly.

In any case, it find the practice of authority in the church highly unnecessary, overly excessive, and egotistical. Any overseeing, authoritative body, from a school administrations to a full scale government, should act as an expedient and nothing more. Its only purpose of existence is to facilitate the principle of the system it supports. Anything beyond this becomes superfluous and corrupts the entire body. So it is with the church as well.