Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, Summer.

The Earth we live in is bursting with life and activity. Even despite the incessant hum of our engines machines factories trucks, our unending pollution and poison, the Earth prospers and grows, burgeoning with life. To look outside and witness the trees sprouting with color and vibrancy is endearing, to sit by a stream flowing softly can be more pleasant than any transient satisfaction found in television media and music. The world offers a paradise of life so grand and fulfilling, but in nearly every way is overlooked and neglected. Global warming and human extravagance is on the verge of seriously destabilizing the wonderful world we live in.

I suppose I am a man of nature by heart, and I gladly accept the thought that one should be capable of surviving without any dependence on physical objects, restraints or distractions. A ascetic philosophy like this lacks practicality, but I wish to hold true to the ideal. As such, I would say that nature in itself offers us everything we need to survive with and learn from. In many ways the tribes of Africa were incredibly more advanced than the greed imperialists that invaded and destroyed them by force.

The conventional conception of God relies on some type of life-changing, evangelizing philosophy, which is more dependent on an individual's perception of progress than any real truth. God today offers some type of an escape from the world, and only halfway satisfies the innate longing within people for fulfillment. However, God is merely a simpleton distraction from the truly chaotic and dismantled state of the world. Not a day in history has passed that some civilization on this planet has endured without fighting, robbing, arguing, and killing. Every human holds within himself the ability to improve and surpass the vices the restrict us all. Belief in God does nothing to encourage such a practice.