Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 Political Debates

I mentioned in the last post that many people in today’s world are more likely to stress their opponent’s flaws rather than focus on what they truly believe in.

This comment was inspired by the fact that the current televised political debates on CNN, which I am watching right now, display mainstream candidates who appear to be more erudite in their competitors’ past decisions than they are on what they really intend to do and believe in. They all seem especially learned in the many things each of them has wavered on, all the positions that they have fluctuated on in the past years, and more likely to point out each others faults rather than focus on their personal intents as President.

Granted, it is easy to criticize, but I feel increasingly uneasy as I observe their debates, which commonly appear more like arguments. It makes me worried for our country, I wonder if there is anyone left with the strength of character that was witnessed in the great statures of Ronald Regan, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and many others.

Also, John Edwards did just make an exception speech concerning medical insurance and lobbying in Washington.