Saturday, December 22, 2007


So I came across this website about mega churches which I found particularly disturbing. Now, the homepage of this website apparently offered a "Mega Gas Cards" to first time church visitors advertised by the slogan: "Fill your spirit and help fill your tank."

Environmental implications aside, why would a church attempt to draw in new members by offering them materialistic compensation in this way, doesn't the bible teach to store your treasures up in heaven. And on a larger scale, someone attending a church because it was advantageous to him or herself to do so do is about as meaningful as a passing grade on a test someone cheated on in order to acquire.

Something so valuable as one's salvation should not be trivially bartered with monetary rewards, especially in this case were the reward is an awful manifestation of American Consumerism which cripples the environment, God's wonderful Creation, which Christian supposedly prize most dearly. Moreover, the validity of religion becomes highly questionable when its' actions imply a greater value on quantity rather than quality, another reason why God being real or not, religion as an official institution seems doomed to fail inevitably.


tina said...

My mom's church has kids come in and play video

Peter Dawson Buckland said...

These are like inversions of the medieval indulgences. It also goes to show you how reliant on the petroleum industry the megachurch is. If you have one nearby, go count the SUVs in the parking lot.
It always kills me that those who are supposed to have "dominion" over the earth treat the creation as if it is a thing to be exploited and played in without sense or consequence.
The World Net Daily had a bonkers piece on Christian global warming denial last week (see my post here).
"If any one should be prepared by their faith, their worldview, their belief in Scripture and their gift of Holy Spirit discernment to see through the deception of the global warming alarmists, it is the Christian.

Sadly, however, many of those proclaiming themselves as believers have been seduced by the worldly spirit of deception on what has become one of the defining issues of our time."