Thursday, December 20, 2007

Universal Precedence

Here's a nice thought I've had, which will probably receive a much larger post at a later time.

To begin I should say I was primarily 'deconverted' if you will, not by reason or science, but by my feelings and emotion (this is also a longer story). Now, if I was offered sufficient evidence that God did exist, I would not change my beliefs, for I still contend that belief is not a choice that is made. But I would also have no fear or apprehensive, especially about dying. This is due to the fact that our world, especially nature, exhibits such abundant beauty (not to say it also beholds the worst of evils at times), that, if it was created by a God, such a God could never intend 'eternal torture and damnation' in his plan for humanity. In fact He would be much more concerned with humanity doing as He willed rather than what He should do with humanity when they don't.

For this reason I would be little perturbed if somehow the existence of God was proven to me, for I aspire to live as graciously toward my fellow man as possible. Ironically, many of the actions and choices I held dear as a Christian I still hold dear now. These choices simply contain much more meaning and value now, rather than adding to a growing web of foolishness and confusion as the did before.

Thus, I would propose that in the face of belief in God or not, compassion and kindness, tolerance and empathy, love and sincerity, basicly general qualities of benevolence easily supersede any other absolute. I would say that these qualities contain a certain condition of transcendence that one's ability to achieve them is far more important than what one believes, says, or thinks.

Indeed, some of the occasions I have felt most alive have been times of closer friendship, or in the presence of particularly beautiful and humbling scenes of nature.

Most importantly, I would say that this assertion is valid regardless of God, equally true with or without, and if many theists and religions could understand this concept rather than focusing on the superficial expression of 'belief alone=salvation' than this world might become a little bit better of a place to live in.

And what greater goal could any human have, at any point in time?